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    2023's Top Online Casino Games in India

    Unpredictability has always been fascinating, thrilling, and exhilarating for humans. That is the reason gambling is the favorite pastime of many Indians.

    Gambling is a simple activity where a person puts something of worth at stake, against a prediction that he has made about the event. This is quite common during games and gatherings. Now that the virtual world is booming, online casinos and gambling sites have flourished. And with the amount of money you can bag through these games, they’ve also become quite popular among the masses.

    🎰 Game Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Indian Rummy, Texas Holdem, Slot machines, Poker, Mini Flush
    ⚙️ Software Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, Evoplay, EZUGI, Booongo, Amigo gaming, Play’n GO, Beter live, NetEnt, Endorphina, Playson
    💰 Money Game Yes
    🚀 Free Game Yes
    💡 Game Rules Yes
    🤝 Game tips Yes
    📱 Mobile App Yes
    💸 Minimum deposit ₹ 100
    🏦 Payment methods Freecharge, NetBanking, Airtel, PhonePe, RuPay, PayTM, Visa, USDT, Online Banking, UPI, MobiKwik, Bitcoin
    🎁 Current bonuses Cashback, Namaste Pack, Free Spins

    When did Gambling start?

    Gambling was always there and we cannot set a specific date and state that ‘Yes! That’s when it started!’. Unconsciously, people did gamble with things. Money and sometimes even promises. But if we discuss about the casino set up, the first noted Gaming Casino saw the face of Earth during the 17th Century in Italy. And then, the practice became a hit in Great Britain, the United States, Europe, and China as well.

    Now, the times have changed. There is a pandemic lurking on the corners and people cannot step out. That is why governments are also taking steps to legalize Online Casinos and Gaming platforms. These are hassle-free, provide the same Casino ambiance that players love and most importantly, they are user-friendly and virtual!

    1. Teen Patti

    Teen Patti is a three-card game also known as flush or flash in some regions. This gambling card game originated in the subcontinent and is popular all over South Asia. It is influenced by poker and originated in the English game of three-card brag. It is popularly played on Diwali and is closely associated with Hindu celebrations.

    2. Andar Bahar

    An Indian gambling game that originated in Bengaluru in the Southern state of Karnataka is also called Mangatha in Tamil. The game is all about luck and betting on the right cards. This most popular game of Indian online casinos is simple and can even be enjoyed by the new players in the field.

    3. Roulette

    The French word Roulette means ‘little wheel' was developed from the Italian game Biribi. The gameplay requires a player to choose a number to place their bet on. They can even bet on various groupings, color, or whether a number will be even or odd, or between 19-36 or 1-18, etc. A wheel is a spin to determine the winner.

    4. Baccarat

    Another French name Baccarat or baccara is a game where cards are compared between a player and a banker. With the disputed history Baccarat (live baccarat here) is said to be of the 19th century, some claim it to be from France in the 15th century. There are three popular variants of the game which will be discussed later in the article deeply.

    5. Blackjack

    Blackjack is a casino banking game that is highly popular globally. A deck of 52 cards is used where players do not compete against each other but each player competes against the dealer. It is a descendant from Twenty-One, a casino banking game. This family of card games also encompasses Pontoon (British game) and the Vingt-et-Un (European game).

    6. Indian Rummy

    Indian Cherokee Rummy or Paplu has a slight distinction from the original rummy. It is even considered a mixture of Rummy 500 and gin rummy. The game is all about making valid sets from 13 cards distributed among players. Two kinds of sets are possible: a run of consecutive suited cards and 3 or 4 of a kind with no duplicate. To win the game, the player must draw at least two sequences, one of which must be pure, made without jokers.

    7. Texas Holdem

    Texas Holdem is one of the best casino games which might seem simple to handle but holds numerous hidden combinations and situations that can lead to making a winning move. The game is featured with no-limit variation in most of the marquee tournaments worldwide. Two cards are dealt face down to players and five are dealt face up in three stages. Players have to find the best five cards out of the seven cards.

    8. Slot machines

    Slot machines are known by many different names: fruit machine, puggy, the slots, pokies, fruities, or slots. This is a game of chance where three or more reels appear on the screen, the reels spin when the game is activated. Slot machine games constitute 70% of the casino's income. Manufacturers are now offering better bonuses and rewards to enhance the user experience.

    9. Poker

    Poker, another famous game from the card games' lineage, demands sheer luck and some smart strategies to ace the game. Earlier the game was played by 20 cards only but now 32, 40, or 48 card games are also played. All the poker games have different rules where one or more rounds of betting are conducted.

    10. Mini Flush

    Mini flush is a masterpiece of Indian casino card games similar to Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. It is a flush game that is played against a dealer. The game is conducted by a dealer that usually utilizes Poker rules and spins off some side bets for the players to contemplate. A dealer deals 3 cards face down out of 52 cards to himself and the player as well. The card rankings decide who wins. 3 aces are the highest and 5-3-2 is the lowest ranking.

    Online Slots

    The online gambling world is much more feasible and full of enticing slots, each with unique themes and features. The diversity of online slot games is more interesting than the brick and mortar casinos. Choosing to find a perfect casino table game for you becomes even easier with the manufacturer’s online slot categories.

    • Top and popular ones allow you to find the most enjoyable games by most players
    • Recommended filters games based on your liking and preferences.
    • Life-changing jackpots, monthly specials, exclusive categories ease the game hunt even more.
    • Check new games, popular, monthly special and table games for better opportunities to win.

    Slot Topics

    Most of the online slot games are now designed on specific themes to enhance the fun factor and to increase the audience's interest. The themes set the slots apart from other games. Adventure, animals, space, fairytale, dangerous Vikings, you can find them at the online casinos. Sometimes these varieties make it difficult to choose a worthy game. We bring you some famous admirable slots games based on prevailing topics these days.

    1. Egypt (Secret of Cleopatra, Aliens, and Pyramids)
    2. Animals (Book of Cats, Buffalo Hunter)
    3. Classic (777Burning Wins, Book of Gold Classic, Classic Blackjack)
    4. Fruits (Parimatch Fruits, Imperial Fruits, 7 Colossus Fruits)
    5. Oriental (Lucky Wizard, Asgardian Dice, Cygnus)
    6. Fantasy (Fantasy Fish, Fantasy Park, Fantasy 777)

    Slot Providers

    The slot games and the online gaming world is shaped by some renowned slot providers. Some have been around for decades offering online and offline casino games services whereas some like Realtime Gaming have just appeared recently to serve the game slots online.

    The slot providers are quite too many but some of them include:

    • EGT; Euro Games Technology
    • Amatic;
    • Playson;
    • Fired Up Games;
    • JetX;
    • 5Men;
    • Netent;
    • NetGame;
    • Nolimit;
    • Quickspin

    Popular Slots

    We bring you the trending slot games online for the year below which was praised most by the online community.

    • Magic Apple
    • Aztec sun
    • God's temple
    • Scrab Riches
    • Best Saga
    • 777 Gems
    • Olympian Gods
    • Book of Sun Multichance
    • Super Rich God
    • Wolf Saga

    Slots Bonuse

    The bonus rounds in online slots generally consist of free spins and bonus in-games. These slot bonuses are your golden ticket to pocket the game's biggest wins or even a special jackpot. The slot bonuses in real money casino games either appear on top of the base game or there's a specific feature that triggers them. It all depends on the theme of the game but the winnings are always worth the try.

    The wins you make from them are 100% real and do not cost players any expense even if they lose. The free spins with a multiplier multiply the winning amount of free spins. Suppose if you win 200 coins in a free spin a 2X multiplier will make it double, 3X thrice, 4X four times, and so on.

    Special Slots

    The pictures on the reels of video slots depict basic or special slots. The special casino slot games have advanced features that help players make winning combinations. If you can understand their function, you can successfully activate winning combinations.

    Here are the standard features of special slot’s icons:

    • Wild: Wild slots pay high rates and can often formulate combinations themselves. Usually, Wild cannot be used instead of scatters, bonus symbols, and other special elements.
    • Scatter: The uniqueness of Scatter is that it is not associated with active bands. Scatters are the ones that start free spins usually.
    • Scatter/Wild: This symbol features a joker and a scatter. It can start free spins and replace other symbols.
    • Bonus (bonus round): It is needed to start bonus rounds.
    • Jackpot (jackpot symbol): It draws progressive jackpots. At some casinos, the customers receive this amount if they collect five jackpots.
    • Giant Symbols: These are huge symbols. They usually occupy 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5 positions on the screen.
    • Multipliers: They multiple the payouts several times. These pictures show the coefficients x2, x3, x4, and so on, which are considered at the time of winning.

    How to Play Slots?

    1. Make a deposit.
    2. Choose a slot based on its characteristics.
    3. familiarize yourself with the symbols and odds of winning
    4. Choose the number of lines
    5. Spin the reels
    6. Double the winnings in the Risk game
    7. Withdraw your winnings in time


    The French game Roulette is a gambling game where players bet on red or black numbered compartments on a revolving wheel. The game is played worldwide. This is a banking game where the bet is placed against a bank I.e. is the house. Roulette appeared in France in the early 18th century and was mentioned in 1716 in Bordeaux.

    French roulette

    French Roulette features the wheel with one zero slot and the rest of the options remain the same as European roulette. The table layout also differs from European roulette with a couple of rules added that affect the odds and payouts. French roulette has a famous rule of La partage which means ‘to share'. When a player makes an outside bet and loses, they get half the bet back.

    American roulette

    The American version of Roulette consists of both 0 and 00 pockets and the order number comprises 1 through 36 that lies between the two zero pockets. It is different from other forms of roulette. However, the table layout is the same. The house edge in American roulette upon single number bet is around 5.3%.

    European roulette

    European roulette is quite similar to the American one with a distinction of house edge being half of what American roulette. American roulette has 38 pockets whereas European roulette has 37 pockets, with a house edge of 2.6% only.

    How to Play Roulette?

    The croupiers I.e. dealer calls for the players to make their bets which are made by placing chips on the number, group or classification they think will win. The croupier spins the wheel in a counterclockwise direction and the small ball is spun in an opposite direction. Players can place bets even when the wheel and the ball are in motion.

    Wherever the ball falls is marked the winning position. The dealer announces the winning number and color and places a special marker on the number on the layout table. The losing bets are collected and then the winning bets are distributed.


    Blackjack, also known as ‘natural 21’ is a card game where you add up to 21 on the first two cards that you are dealt. The player needs an Ace and one of the 10 value cards to win. Blackjack has a minimum and maximum bets like in Caesars you can go up to $50,000. Blackjack is a two-person game where you have to focus on your dealer to win the game.

    How to Play Blackjack?

    Hit versus stand: Suppose you get 2 and 7 in your first two cards. This sums up to 9, which is less than 21. You can either get a hit or an additional card. If the next card is 10 your total becomes 19, closer to 21. Now you can stand I.e. your final number will be 19. Keep in mind you should not exceed the total of 21 otherwise you will lose.

    Double Down: Here, after receiving your initial cards you can increase your original beg by as much as 2 times the bet. If you win you can enjoy amazing profits but a little overconfidence can make you lose easily.

    Triple: Triple blackjack is where you can bet after you have seen your first card and then add to it again after you have seen the dealer's up-card. It is one of the best new table games of 2010.

    Split: If your initial cards have equal value then you can decide to split them. After this when you will play, you will have two hands to play with. If you get two 8’s they total to 16, which is a dangerous number to deal with. Be sure to check with the casino if the split of all 10-values is allowed or not.

    Insurance: Insurance is where you can insure yourself against the dealer having blackjack. If you see that the dealer's up-card is an Ace, you create a side bet betting that the dealer will get blackjack. This bet can be independent of your original bet. But this game is designed to make players lose in the long run.


    Baccarat is the oldest casino game and makes a fun gambling experience. It’s an easy, slow-paced game that does not need to learn how to play casino games. The game has three possible outcomes: Player win, Banker win, and tie. Here Banker does not refer to the house. Players can bet on players’ or bankers’ hands.

    Baccarat Basics

    • Hand values: Each card retains its numerical value in baccarat. Aces have a value of 1 and the other cards are valued at 0.
    • Table Talk: Baccarat table seats 14 players at a time. The mini ones seat 8 players. The gameplay is also different in both versions.
    • Player: A hand dealt for the player.
    • Banker: A hand dealt with the house.
    • Tie: An option that allows players and banker hands to be the same.

    How to Play Baccarat?

    First of all set a budget for the game to abide by. Then place a chip on the Player area of the 3 betting regions Tie, Banker, and Player. Now a bet is placed before the cards are dealt. List of casino games for Baccarat include:

    Four cards: A 3 of diamonds beside a 3 of spades above, and an Ace of diamonds beside a 5 of hearts below.

    Know how a round works and how the cards are dealt: in ordinary play, a total of two cards are dealt for each of the Banker’s and the Player’s hands. Learn when a third card will be drawn.

    Two cards: A 3 of hearts and a 6 of clubs, with a circled number 9 above them.

    Understand a winning hand: Once the hands are played out, the winning hand is the one closest to a total of 9 points.

    Teen Patti

    This Indian game, the Teen Patti has become incredibly famous all over the world. "Three card bags" or "three cards poker" are other names for this game.

    How to Play Teen Patti?

    This game uses an international pack of 52 cards, and it may be played by 4 to 7 people at a time. The standard ranking of cards is from ace (high) to two (low) (low). Before you start playing, you must decide on the pot's minimum value or stake.

    People put their money on the table in the middle after deciding on the minimum stake or value, and that money will be won by one person out of the people playing this game.

    When all of the money has been placed on the table, the dealer will deal with the cards until no one has more than three cards. Following the distribution of the three cards to each player, each player will use their cards to create the best collection of cards in the game.

    Andar Bahar

    It's a pure chance game in which the dealer deals a card face up and the player chooses between two piles: Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). The dealer then alternates between the two piles, dealing cards until one of them matches the initial card. The winning pile is the one in which this matching card occurs. Andar Bahar has become a popular game in Indian internet casinos in the twenty-first century.

    How to Play Andar Bahar?

    A standard 52 card pack is used where cards are shuffled, cut, and dealt with one card face up. This is the matching card, which is also known as the 'trump card' or 'joker’. A trump is a card that can beat any card of a different suit, regardless of rank, in standard English card games, and a joker is a wild card that can be used to represent any card the player wants. Because the two piles are sometimes dealt on either side of it, it seems more appropriate to call this first card the house card, or perhaps just the middle card.

    The players now place their bets on one of the two piles that the dealer will construct, known as Andar and Bahar.

    Bollywood casino games that India loves

    Bollywood casino games add to the fun and excitement as the typical casino games are presented with a Bollywood touch. The Bollywood Casino is the best place to experience Vegas-style casino games in a filmy way. The slots game online allows you to interact with vast gaming society from the comfort of your home only.

    Our online casino games, real money based, are epic, entertaining, and reliable. From live dealers to play Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Texas Poker, Dragon Tiger, Keno, Teen Patti, you name it we serve it. With over 100s of different slots we are ready to serve each player according to their distinct taste.