Self-exclusion is a facility for those who wish to stop gambling in casinos for a specified period or permanently and wish to be supported in their decision to stop. If you think you are spending too much time or money gambling, you can ask to be ‘self-excluded’.

To self-exclude, you must contact our customer support team and request the self-exclusion. The minimum period for self-exclusion is six months, and the maximum period is five years. Once a self-exclusion period has been set, it cannot be revoked or altered until the self-exclusion period has expired.

Being self-excluded means not being able to create a new gambling account with the operator, wager or gamble on your pre-existing account and/or deposit funds. The exclusion period can vary depending on your situation. You cannot shorten your exclusion period or amend its terms, once you enter self-exclusion period. When your self-exclusion period ends, we will notify you by email and your account will be reactivated shortly after that.

If you need assistance or support, please contact one of the following organizations:

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